# Car ID 71253 Internal Record ID
Make MERCEDES-BENZ The name of car maker
Model GLA 250 Model of a car
Category Jeep Car Body Type
Production Year 2015 The year of production
Color of Paint Black    Main color group from the exterior color.
Interior Color    Main color group from the interior color.
Doors 4/5 Amount of doors
Gearbox Automatic Type of Transmission: detailed description
Wheel Left wheel Position of a wheel
Leather Interior 1 Shows if leather interior is present.
Customs 765 The customs ID
Mileage 159928 mi. Mileage of a vehicle in Miles
Price US$ Price negotiable Price of a vehicle in US$
VIN WDCTG4EBXFJ184855 Vehicle Identification Number is a unique encoded string for every vehicle.

Acutal Set of Images of this vehicle:

Placeholder2016 LEXUS IS 200

2016 LEXUS IS 200 #6475

4 min ago
Placeholder2013 HYUNDAI Elantra

2013 HYUNDAI Elantra #6478

4 min ago
Placeholder2017 HYUNDAI Sonata

2017 HYUNDAI Sonata #6479

3 min ago
Placeholder2019 FORD Fusion

2019 FORD Fusion #6480

3 min ago
Placeholder2010 VOLKSWAGEN Tiguan

2010 VOLKSWAGEN Tiguan #6481

3 min ago
Placeholder2017 HYUNDAI Tucson

2017 HYUNDAI Tucson #6482

5 min ago
Placeholder2012 HYUNDAI Sonata

2012 HYUNDAI Sonata #6483

4 min ago
Placeholder2011 HYUNDAI Sonata

2011 HYUNDAI Sonata #6484

1 min ago
Placeholder2012 HYUNDAI Sonata

2012 HYUNDAI Sonata #6486

4 min ago
Placeholder2016 VOLKSWAGEN Jetta

2016 VOLKSWAGEN Jetta #6487

1 min ago
Placeholder2012 CHEVROLET Volt

2012 CHEVROLET Volt #6493

5 min ago
Placeholder2017 FORD Fusion

2017 FORD Fusion #6496

2 min ago
Placeholder2017 CHEVROLET Volt

2017 CHEVROLET Volt #6497

5 min ago
Placeholder2015 CHEVROLET Volt

2015 CHEVROLET Volt #6498

4 min ago
Placeholder2013 CHEVROLET Volt

2013 CHEVROLET Volt #6499

1 min ago