2007 TOYOTA Camry VIN O For Sale

# Car ID 69576 Internal Record ID
Make TOYOTA The name of car maker
Model Camry Model of a car
Category Sedan Car Body Type
Production Year 2007 The year of production
Color of Paint Silver    Main color group from the exterior color.
Interior Color Beige    Main color group from the interior color.
Doors 4/5 Amount of doors
Gearbox Automatic Type of Transmission: detailed description
Wheel Left wheel Position of a wheel
Leather Interior 1 Shows if leather interior is present.
Customs 0 The customs ID
Mileage 131000 mi. Mileage of a vehicle in Miles
Price US$ 3600 Price of a vehicle in US$
VIN O Vehicle Identification Number is a unique encoded string for every vehicle.

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